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高中英語作文—不合時宜的習俗 The Untimely Tradition

2019-09-10 09:54:51 來源:啟達教育網

China is a great old country that has more than five thousand years' history. Its culture has influenced the world, such as the great educator Confucius. His thought is popular around the world. As the time went by, some old traditions have been kept all the time though they are not suitable in today’s situation.


Holding wedding would be a great thing for the new couple, but sometimes the old traditions make the wedding an unhappy memory. For example, in order to make the wedding lively, the best men always figure out some funny ways to play jokes on the bridesmaids, such as throwing these girls into the swimming pool. This is not a joke, but a rude behavior. The more ridiculous tradition is the groom’s father kiss the bride. Everybody was shocked by this farce. If the tradition is out of date, then it should be removed.


Most people are educated to keep the tradition, showing the respect to their ancestors. It is time to think about whether some old traditions are deserved to be reminded, if not, then removed.



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